. relocation to northwestern florida .

Aaron and I went to visit Jim (the old school artist who trained him) in Florida. Everything fell into place nicely and we've decided to move there and get our own place for 6-12 months. This is really good for me because the shop is ten times bigger, the artists have at least a decade each worth of additional experience behind them and I'll learn a lot quicker under four serious tattoo artists. Plus, Aaron will still be by my side... so I don't feel like I'm changing anything except my environment.

Fort Walton is a military town which is helpful because tough little sailor and navy boys come into the shop acting all badass and are the last to bitch or complain about the pain of getting tattooed. Also, Carlos is the only other apprentice and he's been there ten months now. Soon, I will be getting paid the same as him to run the floor. I've already got at least five months experience now, so after six months, I should be ready to move to the next level. All the guys at the shop welcomed me- even Jim. It felt like home just after the first two days... I didn't want to leave.